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We strongly believe that choosing the right drilling tool is a decisive step that determines the success of a construction foundation project. With the increase in large-scale construction and foundations with significant loads in the modern building sector, only a high-quality product created by listening to our customer’s needs can guarantee reliability and durability.

Our mission is to provide custom-made tools, designed and manufactured according to the nature and texture of the soil to be drilled in, suitable to work with any drilling rig machine. Hence, performing the task efficiently, even in challenging conditions, without wasting precious time as we recognise the importance of finishing a foundation project successfully and on schedule.

About us

We are a reliable manufacturer involved, over the last 50 years, in projecting and producing high-quality piling and foundation equipment.

We identify as an expert artisanal company that performs in-house the entire process of producing drilling tools: bucket, auger, core barrel, CFA system and telescopic Kelly bars for drilling rigs.

Our simple but dynamic structure enables us to be attentive to our customers’ requirements, offering a customised product constructed paying specific attention to details. We provide complete customer support covering the entire supplying process, from the technical details study to the shipping services and after-sales assistance.

Our premises are in the centre of Italy, at Osimo, a district highly specialised in the industry of drilling rigs and equipment for piling and foundation.

Numbers that speak volume

Our numbers tell the success of our company, attest our passion, the efficiency of our processes and the satisfaction of our customers.

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About us

Our history

In early 1969, my father Franco opened a metalwork shop aiming to produce reliable and resistant drilling tools for piling and foundation.

My mother, Ada, gave him full support to the project, and my father gradually involved my brother Giuliano and me in the family business. Hence, thanks to our enthusiastic and meticulous artisanal attitude we put at each production step, the equipment coming from our metalwork shop were more and more known and appreciated by the users for their efficiency, reliability and resistance.

Over the years, our small family business has evolved into a well-recognised name in the piling and foundation sector and “GAGGIOTTI, THE ORANGE TOOLS” has become synonymous with high quality and efficiency.

In the 1990s, driven by intuition and positive feedback from the Italian market, we started a straight collaboration with our first overseas customer, taking Gaggiotti equipment outside Italy to the international marketplace.

In the 2000s, as the company gained the trust of the Eastern, Middle Eastern and Far Eastern markets, we responded by creating a dedicated Export department, hiring a professional head team figure, technically prepared and multilingual with the specific mission to assist in the best way our overseas customers.

The business interaction with the international marketplace and growing demand for our tools led us to transform our small family business into a larger company, able to increase production capacity without losing the focus and dedication to detail that inspired my father.

Today, Gaggiotti Drilling Tools Srl is one of the most appreciated international manufacturers in the piling and foundation field, though maintaining its original family members involvement in the production team, preserving the artisanal tradition based on attention to detail and the trans-generational transmission of our technical and manual know-how, which makes our product recognisable for its reliability and durability.

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Franco Gaggiotti


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Our vision

“Small enough to listen,
big enough to fulfill

This is the core vision guiding us through two generations so far that we want to carry forward for years to come. It represents the perfect synthesis between our artisan tradition of high quality and the dynamic spirit required to seize the opportunities offered by the international market environment.


We still firmly believe in the principles that inspired the foundation of our company.
A heritage of values continuously enriched by our business partners’ contributions and evolves in step with an era increasingly focused on continuous improvement, gender equality, inclusion and the involvement of new generations.

These are the ideals that guide our daily work:


We use certified material that we transform internally through the entire process, granting reliable, long-lasting tools and good price-quality balance.

For over two generations our technical and handcraft know-how is passed through to our labour force, making our production team highly skilled and specialised.


We are aware of the complexity and specific technical necessities that our customers face while managing a foundation’s construction project, reason why we collaborate closely paying attention to the minimum details to offer a flawless service. We also keep detailed records of our customer’s specific needs and requirements, becoming hence the ideal partner of many contractors.


We carefully select the best-certified raw materials and process them entirely in our productive premises to enhance their potential and maximise their performance. Our drilling tools withstand the time wear and the mechanical stress of working in even the most difficult soils.


We have a special regard for our customers’ project schedules management, to express our care, we ensure delivering our tools in the established time, tools that drill much faster than the average ones and are robust and reliable, avoiding job site delays and stressful, expensive bad surprises.


Thanks to our staff's multilingual knowledge, technical expertise and mastery of export practices, intra-community transactions and documentary credit, we are prepared to support our customers in all phases of the purchasing operation, wherever in the world they are.


We have a well-prepared export team, multilingual: about 5 languages, technically prepared and with big experience and knowledge in international transactions, shipping, customs and bank documents. We are ready and well prepared to support our customers across the world in the whole process phases of the purchasing operation.

Betek dealer

We are proud to be dealers for Betek brand, a leading company quality and industry innovation. Our partnership with Betek allows us to offer our customers unique and reliable products, guaranteeing them access to the top solutions in the market.

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